R packages

  • ranger: A fast implementation of random forests (R/C++ package): GitHub, CRAN
  • survnet: Artificial neural networks for survival analysis (R package): GitHub
  • neuralnet: Training of neural networks (R package): Github, CRAN
  • blockForest: Random forests for blocks of clinical and omics covariate data (R/C++ package): Github, CRAN
  • bnnSurvival: Bagged k-nearest neighbors survival prediction (R package): GitHub, CRAN
  • lmmot: Multiple Ordinal Tobit (MOT) model (R package): CRAN
  • simpleRF: A simple implementation of random forests in plain R (R package): Github
  • glex: Global explanations for tree-based models (R package): Github
  • randomPlantedForest: A directly interpretable tree ensemble (R package): Github
  • cpi: Conditional Predictive Impact (R package): Github, CRAN
  • arf: Adversarial Random Forests (R package) Github, CRAN